UP Board Solutions for Class 10 English Grammar Reporting (Direct/Indirect Speech)

By | May 19, 2022

UP Board Solutions for Class 10 English Grammar Reporting (Direct/Indirect Speech)

UP Board Solutions for Class 10 English Grammar Reporting (Direct/Indirect Speech)


Board UP Board
Class Class 10
Subject English
Chapter English Grammar
Chapter Name Reporting (Direct/Indirect Speech)
Category UP Board Solutions

UP Board Solutions for Class 10 English Grammar Reporting (Direct/Indirect Speech)

Exercise 1

  1. She said that her brother was coining there that day.
  2. He told me that he would present me a gift on my birthday.
  3. She said that the old man had died last night.
  4. He told me that I could have his book.
  5. She told Julie that her sister would not go with her that day.
  6. He said that the pack of card was complete.
  7. They told me that they should follow my advice.
  8. My father told me that he could not pardon me that time.
  9. My friend said that he was thinking to leave that job.
  10. They said that their mother always loved them most.
  11. They said that Mohit was arriving that day.
  12. He told me that he would meet me the next day.
  13. I said that he had come to my office during lunch hours.
  14. The doctor told me that my condition was very serious.
  15. The students said that they would deposit their fee on next fee day.

Exercise 2

  1. The guest requested to give him a glass of water.
  2. She advised the child to lie down.
  3. He asked me to hurry up.
  4. They ordered to go away.
  5. The doctor advised not to take that medicine.
  6. The judge ordered Gandhiji to take off his turban.
  7. The principal ordered to show him his identity card.
  8. She requested me to post that letter for her.
  9. The clerk requested humbly to sign the register.
  10. The teacher ordered the boys to sit down.
  11. Our father advised not to be worried about that.
  12. She requested in her letter to reply to his letter soon.
  13. We advised him not to be lazy and try his best.
  14. The saint advised to trust in God and do the right.
  15. He advised me to take my book and read that silently.

Exercise 3

  1. They asked him if his brother had given evidence.
  2. He asked me if I should meet the chairman.
  3. He asked if the situation was under control.
  4. They asked me if I could lift that box.
  5. I asked if the old man could still be alive.
  6. Madan asked if she had cancelled her trip to Agra.
  7. They asked if the factory was capable of that much of production.
  8. She asked if she could have one of his pens.
  9. The student asked if they had changed the time of the examination.
  10. The manager asked the principal if he had any chance to apologies.
  11. The inspector asked me if my passport had been checked.
  12. She asked the child if he had put on his clothes.
  13. The tourist asked if it was not getting cold.
  14. I asked him whether he wanted a pen or pencil.
  15. He asked me whether I was going to Chennai that day or the next day.

Exercise 4

  1. He asked the children when the cock crows.
  2. He asked how he would operate that machine.
  3. I asked when we should start in the morning.
  4. Ritu asked me where she would put my book.
  5. The boy asked his father what he would do with that.
  6. He asked me what I was doing there for so long time.
  7. My friend asked me where I should go the next day.
  8. Hari asked Shyam whose book that was.
  9. The policeman asked the beggar why he was lying on the road.
  10. The king asked the man why he had come to him and what he wanted from him.
  11. Ramesh asked what was the main topic of discussion.
  12. We asked him how he earned his living.
  13. Renu asked me what warning my teacher had given me in the class.
  14. The teacher asked me why I did not speak in English.
  15. I asked my sister which suit she liked.

Exercise 5

  1. He asked me whether I wanted a pen or pencil.
  2. I asked him whether he was going that day or the next day.
  3. She asked me whether I would go by air or by sea.
  4. He asked whether he should wait for him or go home.
  5. She asked me whether she should put it in the cupboard or on the table.
  6. I asked when we should start in the morning.
  7. He requested me to give him some money.
  8. I requested.him if he would do me that favor.
  9. The invigilator asked us if we would stop talking.
  10. He offered me to have a cup of tea with him.

Exercise 6

  1. She suggested that they should stay there for the night.
  2. Mohan proposed to finish it that day.
  3. They suggested not to give him much importance.
  4. She proposed to him that they should go to Mussoorie in the summer vacation.
  5. The teacher advised that the students should do something.
  6. He proposed to let them face that problem.
  7. I requested my mother to let Sita accompany me.
  8. They urged that there should be no devaluation of rupee.
  9. The boys requested their mother that they should be allowed to go to movie.
  10. He declared that there should be no noise in the room.

Exercise 7

  1. He wished that his friend might top the examination.
  2. Mohan prayed to God to help him.
  3. She wished for me that I might lead a very happy married life.
  4. He bade Ram good bye.
  5. I wished that he might live long.
  6. Radha bade her friends good morning.
  7. He wished that he might live in peace.
  8. He prayed to God that he might bless him with a child.
  9. She wished that her father might live long.
  10. He bade Ram good night.

Exercise 8

  1. She exclaimed with sorrow that he was no more.
  2. He exclaimed with fear that the night was very terrible.
  3. Mohan exclaimed that that was a very wonderful kind of bird.
  4. Sheela wondered that her brother ran very fast.
  5. The teacher exclaimed that he had done a very foolish act.
  6. My mother exclaimed that I was very foolish.
  7. She remarked that it was a very fine day.
  8. They exclaimed with joy that they had got the shield.
  9. The old lady exclaimed with sorrow that she could not see his face again.
  10. The captain applauded the players that they had played excellently well.

Exercise 9

  1. The teacher told the student that he might buy that book if he liked.
  2. Mala told her friends that she would wait for them if they were late.
  3. The teacher ordered Rakesh to go out and not to come again in the class.
  4. The guide asked the tourist if he wanted to see the Taj.
  5. He requested me to wait there till he returned.
  6. The teacher ordered to stop that noise in the class.
  7. The policeman asked if he would call a tongawala to take him to the hospital.
  8. Sushila asked the visitor what he ate for breakfast.
  9. Father advised me not to be rude to any one.
  10. The shopkeeper asked what he wanted.
  11. The manager asked the clerk to post those letters that day.
  12. Gopal proposed that they should have a cup of tea.
  13. The captain advised the players to play the game fairly.
  14. Satish requested Ram to lend him his book fir a day.
  15. Kanta told her father that she had visited the zoo the previous day.

Exercise 10

  1. Rama proposed to his friend that they should go to the river bank for a walk.
  2. The captain ordered the soldiers to turn to the right.
  3. The boys exclaimed with joy that they had won the match.
  4. The beggar requested me to give him my cap.
  5. Gita proposed that they should wait for their friends.
  6. The boy accepted that he had beaten the dog.
  7. The teacher advised that regular exercise keep us fit.
  8. Apala asked if the teacher would not teach them that day.
  9. He exclaimed with sorrow that he was ruined.
  10. He said that the students were learning their lesson.
  11. I asked her who she was and where she was coming from.
  12. The teacher ordered the students to keep quiet and not to disturb him.
  13. The teacher asked the boys if they had done their work that day.
  14. My father said that honesty is the best policy.
  15. The teacher asked the boys not to play at that time.

Exercise 11

  1. Ravi asked his sister why she was not doing her work properly.
  2. Our teacher told us that unity is strength.
  3. The judge ordered to let the prisoner be set free.
  4. Avinash asked me how I liked my new house.
  5. The teacher taught the students that the earth moves round the sun.
  6. Lata told her friend that her brother who was a doctor then in U.K. might settle there.
  7. The boy told his teacher respectfully that the last stanza of the poem was not clear to him.
  8. He asked me why I beat his brother daily.
  9. The audience exclaimed that it was a very wonderful speech.
  10. The grandfather told the children that he was going to tell them a story then.
  11. The policeman asked me why I drove so fast.
  12. He ordered his servant to hang those curtains.
  13. The teacher asked the students if they would solve that question.
  14. Hari asked Mohan to give him a piece of paper.
  15. She proposed to wait for their children.

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