UP Board Solutions for Class 10 English Grammar Tenses and Their Uses (Active Voice)

By | May 19, 2022

UP Board Solutions for Class 10 English Grammar Tenses and Their Uses (Active Voice)

UP Board Solutions for Class 10 English Grammar Tenses and Their Uses (Active Voice)


Board UP Board
Class Class 10
Subject English
Chapter English Grammar
Chapter Name Tenses and Their Uses (Active Voice)
Category UP Board Solutions

UP Board Solutions for Class 10 English Grammar Tenses and Their Uses (Active Voice)

Exercise 1

  1. My mother always goes to Haridwar in summer.
  2. A good student always works hard.
  3. My uncle knows Urdu, Hindi and English.
  4. We always help the poor.
  5. The moon shines in the night.
  6. You play tennis every evening.
  7. The stars twinkle in the night.
  8. A thermometer measures temperature.
  9. I rarely sleep in the afternoon.
  10. We spend most of our evenings in reading books.

Exercise 2

  1. They are ploughing the fields.
  2. She is worshiping the God.
  3. We are working hard these days.
  4. It is getting dark.
  5. It is raining heavily.
  6. I am studying this time.
  7. The patient is sleeping.
  8. They are watching T.V.
  9. I am waiting for my friend.
  10. She is cooking food.

Exercise 3

  1. I have seen a ghost just now.
  2. The servant has defrosted the fridge just.
  3. Have you heard about Madame Curie ?
  4. I have spoken about you to my boss this morning.
  5. Have you ever been to Mathura ?
  6. The milkman has not come yet.
  7. My elder sister has not got up so far.
  8. He has already applied for the post.
  9. They have made good progress.
  10. Ram has never gone to library.

Exercise 4

  1. They have read in this college for four years.
  2. She opened the door and saw a beggar standing at the gate.
  3. I have played cricket since my childhood.
  4. We parted from one another in 1995.
  5. I have coached him for six months.
  6. When the teacher came in, all the students stood up.
  7. They have served this office since 1990.
  8. He took part in a cricket match last year.
  9. When the bell rang all the students assembled at the prayer ground.
  10. We have waited for you for two hours.

Exercise 5

  1. He has been taking exercise for one hour.
  2. It has been raining cats and dogs since 1 o’clock.
  3. She has been teaching her brother since morning.
  4. Your servant has not been coming for ten days.
  5. Our opponent has been defeating us since then.
  6. The gardeners have been cutting the plants for three hours.
  7. We have been taking fast for seven days.
  8. The clerks have been attending the office for three days.
  9. How many students have been taking entrance examination for two years ?
  10. He has been serving the society since 1999.

Exercise 6

  1. They played a cricket match yesterday.
  2. Did you never help the poor ?
  3. My uncle loved my very much when I was a child.
  4. The farmers did not plough the fields yesterday.
  5. It rained heavily last night.
  6. When did you go to that saint ?
  7. I never told a lie in my life.
  8. Which novel did you read last night ?
  9. He did not know the pleasures of the city.
  10. Did she lose her purse in the market ?

Exercise 7

  1. Some students were going on bicycles.
  2. The teacher was teaching grammar to class X.
  3. They were not playing any game.
  4. Was she cooking food yesterday ?
  5. The farmers were working hard in the field.
  6. My uncle was leaving for Kolkata on Monday.
  7. The monkeys were not eating bananas.
  8. Was the sun rising in the east ?
  9. Why were the students copying in the test ?
  10. Was she washing her clothes ?

Exercise 8

  1. When I was driving my car, a policeman stopped me at the crossing.
  2. When he awoke, he saw that his wife was sitting beside him.
  3. When I was crossing the road, I saw an old man.
  4. When my father was reading the newspaper, he saw my roll number in it.
  5. When my friend was returning from movie, he met one of his old friends.
  6. We were taking our meals, when a fire broke out in the kitchen.
  7. It was raining when we started our journey.
  8. We were having breakfast, when we heard a loud noise outside.
  9. I was crossing the road, when a rickshaw hit me.
  10. When I entered the room, I saw my father was typing some letters.

Exercise 9

  1. By 4 o’clock all the students had gone to their houses.
  2. When we reached the playground, the game had started.
  3. The children had taken their dinner before they went to sleep.
  4. When I reached the station, the train had departed.
  5. I could not recognize you. I had not seen you for many days.
  6. She had sold all her property before she died.
  7. They told me what they had planned for the marriage of their daughter.
  8. Ajay had lived here for ten years.
  9. The patient died after the doctor had come.
  10. I had written the letter before I went to the post-office.

Exercise 10

  1. He had been reading the newspaper since 6 a.m.
  2. It had been raining since morning.
  3. My mother had been sleeping for two hours when the telephone bell rang.
  4. This child had been liking chocolates for many months.
  5. The guests had been coming to his house for several days.
  6. He had been living in this house since May.
  7. Where had he been living for the last three years ?
  8. The stars had not been shining since midnight.
  9. I had been suffering from fever since Monday.
  10. The teachers had been teaching the students for one week.

Exercise 11

  1. He came back from Kolkata yesterday.
  2. He arrived here last evening.
  3. Ram has been waiting for the last two hours.
  4. He remained a bachelor all his life.
  5. He rises before dawn everyday.
  6. We shall start on our journey to Badrinath on Friday.
  7. I did my homework at 7 o’clock this morning.
  8. The servant has rang the bell just now.
  9. I shall teach him tomorrow.
  10. He often goes for fishing.
  11. Hari gets up at 6 o’clock everyday.
  12. She is learning German nowadays.
  13. Have you ever enjoyed coffee ?
  14. She was writing a letter.
  15. They could not help him when he was in trouble.

Exercise 12

  1. Walking is good for health.
  2. He will have learnt his lesson before you come.
  3. At six o’clock this morning I was walking in the park.
  4. He will give me a book tomorrow.
  5. My son always gets up at five o’clock.
  6. He went to the station quickly lest he should miss the train.
  7. The naughty boy ran away as he was afraid of the punishment.
  8. The rain has started before I reached home.
  9. Did he look worried ?
  10. Sudheer has been marked absent.
  11. We have been doing this work since morning.
  12. Everybody needs food and shelter.
  13. O that I were young again !
  14. Mohan gets up by 5 o’clock everyday.
  15. We shall go to America when we have our passports ready.

Exercise 13

  1. My father will-go home when the rain stops.
  2. I wish that I were the Superintendent of Police.
  3. The patient died after the doctor had come.
  4. I shall teach him tomorrow.
  5. You said that you played a match yesterday.
  6. The college peon has rung the bell just now.
  7. When we were returning home, it suddenly rained.
  8. I have never eaten such a tasteless food.
  9. We had been working in the garden since morning.
  10. She has been reading this novel since morning.
  11. The bus was going up the hill, when the brakes suddenly failed.
  12. If he works hard, he will get good marks in the examination.
  13. As we reached the platform, it suddenly started raining.
  14. My brother has been living in this house since 2001.
  15. He has been living in Delhi for five years.

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