UP Board Solutions for Class 9 English Grammar Chapter 20 Project Work and Internal Evaluation Test

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UP Board Solutions for Class 9 English Grammar Chapter 20 Project Work and Internal Evaluation Test

UP Board Solutions for Class 9 English Grammar Chapter 20 Project Work and Internal Evaluation Test

These Solutions are part of UP Board Solutions for Class 9 English. Here we have given UP Board Solutions for Class 9 English Grammar Chapter  20  Project Work and Internal Evaluation Test


Question 1.
Make a table to ten Verbs selecting from the lesson. “Tom Sawyer’ and changing these Verbs into Nouns.
UP Board Solutions for Class 9 English Grammar Chapter 20 Project Work and Internal Evaluation Test 1

Question 2.
Make a poster in which Ben is whitewashing the fence and Tom is eating an apple on the ground. Give a suitable title to the poster after discussing with your classmates.
एक पोस्टर का चित्र बनाना है।
एक अंग्रेज लड़का बगीचे की चहारदीवारी रंग रहा है। वह सीढ़ी पर है। नीचे जमीन पर एक दूसरा लड़का एक सेब खा रहा है। दोनों अंग्रेज लड़के हैं।

Title : Painting-An Interesting Task

Question 3.
Make an Inland and write a letter to your sister telling her how Marco Polo travelled from Venice to Asia minor, use the following words in your letter : dangerous, overland, caravans, route, undertake, beyond dreams, probably, princess, recognise.

26, Zero Road,
Dated : 15th July, 20

Dear Sister, Anita,
In this letter I would like to tell you how Marco Polo travelled from Venice to China via Asia Minor. Six or seven centuries ago, it was very difficult and dangerous to travel on foot. So people had to travel with large parties or Caravans. Band of robbers knew those routes. They attacked and looted them, only persons of great courage could dare undertake long journeys. In those days India and China were believed to be rich beyond dreams. People probably thought themselves lucky if they performed their journey. Marco Polo, a boy of seventeen travelled from Venice to China with his father and uncle. They reached Asia Minor and crossed the Black Sea. They crossed the great Gobi Desert and reached Peking. Emperor Kublai Khan received them warmly. When they came back, they were with the princess of Kublai’s family. When they landed in Venice; no one recognise them, but they had to do so when they showed them the rich gems and diamonds they had. Then they believed the wonders of the Polos journey. Thus Marco Polo is supposed to have been first European to have travelled right across Asia.

Yours sincerely,
Mr. X.

Question 4.
Marco Polo was the first man who wrote a book in the prison. Make a list of some other books which have been written in prisons. Give the names of their authors in a table form.
The name of those persons who wrote books in prisons.

Question 5.
Write an e-mail to your mother who is a domestic lady. Tell her how Alan was praised by every one inspite of his failure of taking part in the game.

Question 6.
Arrange a list of ten words from the lesson, “Playing The Game” and name their ‘Parts of Speech’ in a table form. If you have selected some Verbs, write their forms too.

Question 7.
On the basis of your reading of the lesson, “A Golden Bowl”complete the table given below after a group discussion.


Question 8.
Make a list of reasons why you hate the greedy seller on the basis of the facts given in the lesson ‘A Golden Bowl’. Have you seen such a main in your locality? If yes, mention his name and nature.
Reasons why I hate the greedy seller
There are so many reasons due to which I hate the greedy seller. These are the following:
(i) Greedy seller was cunning and believed in cheating, when the old woman and her daughter wanted to exchange their old bowl for a plate, he scratched a line on the bottom of the bowl and knew that it was made of gold. He was so cunning that he wanted to take the bowl for nothing. So he pretented that it was useless and scornfully threw it on the ground and went away.
(ii) He was not only cunning but also dishonest as he wanted to take the bowl for nothing.
(iii) He was selfish. He only wanted to fulfil his own motive. He never thought of others.
(iv) He was ill tempered too, when he knew that the bowl was sold by Serivan, he got so angry that
his heart burst and he dropped down dead.
(v) The greedy seller was full of revenge. Regretting his loss, he cried, “He has cheated me of the profit, would have made! I hade lost the bowl.” Now he was inable to control himself. He beat his chest and threw away his money. On account of the above reasons, I hate the greedy seller.

Question 9.
Read the biographical details of the great scientist J.C. Bose from the text and write his bio-sketch on the basis of your findings you may use the following words : born, physics, further, Cambridge, victorious, temporary interested, recognised.
Biographical details of J.C. Bose
Sir J.C. Bose was born in a village in Bengal in 1855. He studied Physics at Calcutta (Kolkata) University. Then he went to England for further studies. He graduated from Cambridge. Then he returned to India and was appointed Professor of Physics in Presidency College at Calcutta (Kolkata). A three year struggle began between Bose and the government in which he was victorious. Bose was appointed there temporary, so he was given two-thirds of the salary paid to a European. He refused to take it. At last after three years victory was his. From his boyhood, Bose was interested in animal and plant life. He worked on it and searched out a wonderful machine ‘Crescograph’ which recorded the growth of plants. Now we recognise him a great scientist.

Question 10.
Make a model of J.C. Bose and his wonderful machine, ‘Crescograph’ or make a life sketch of J.C. Bose and his wonderful machine.
Students should themselves make models of ‘Jagdish Chandra Bose’ and ‘Crescograph’. They use clay or any other material which is available to them. They take help from the pictures of ‘J.C. Bose’ and ‘Crescograph’. They may also take help from the teachers or any other person who knows the art of making models.

Question 11.
“It was a dark night. A truck driver was driving the vehicle very fast. A motor cycle was coming from the opposite direction. Two young men were on the motor cycle. The truck driver could not see the motor cycle due to darkness of the night. So the truck collided against the motor cycle.”

41, Civil Lines,
Dated : 4th July, 20 –

The Editor,
The Hindustan Times,
New Delhi.
Dear Sir,
Please allow me to use the columns of your esteemed daily paper to draw the attention of an accident that took place today at late night. The night was foggy. Nothing could be seen. I saw that a motor cycle was coming from the east and a truck was coming from the west. The truck driver could not see the motor cycle due to the fog. He did not apply the brakes. The truck collided against the motor cycle. There were two young man on the motor cycle. Both of them fell off the motor cycle. One of them got head injury and became senseless. The other was also badly hurt. Both were taken to the hospital. The young man who got head injury, could not survive. The police reached there. The whole atmosphere was full of grief. Neither of the young men had helmet. Kindly, publish the accident and draw the attention of the users of the motor cycles to use a helmet while driving on bikes.

Yours faithfully,
Mr. X.

Question 12.
Some words are given below in a table in Section ‘A’. Read the words one by one and investigate their meanings from the lesson that you have just finished. Discuss the name of the Parts of Speech of the words written by you in Section ‘B’ and name them in the space provided : Words ‘A’ Meanings ‘B’ Name of the Parts of Speech
down all of sudden

Question 13.
Select any four pairs of rhyming words from the poem “The Mountain And The Squirrel and then add two words more to each pair, having the same sound. Make a table to show these words and read out them together in a group of four or five students.
A Table of Rhymings

(A) Students should practise these above words in a groups of students.

Question 14.
Make an Inland and write a letter to your younger sister who studies in class VIII. Suggest her that small things are as important as big things. Therefore small things should not be neglected by us. You may take examples from the poem.

Question 15.
‘Sympathy is greater than money’ on the basis of this title, make a poster and suggest another title similar to the title given here, you may discuss it with
your friends.
Title : Sympathy – Greater Than Gold
एक मकान के बरान्डे में एक रोगी बिस्तर पर पड़ा कराह रहा हो एक दूसरा आदमी उसके सिर पर पट्टी रख रहा हो। एक पोस्टर का चित्र देना है। चित्रकार स्वयं कल्पना कर चित्र में घटा-बढ़ा सकता है।

Question 16.
Some words are given below. They have been selected from the poem “Sympathy’. Now find out two rhyming words for each one of these words. Words may be taken from outside the peom :


Question 17.
Make a List of Plays (dramas) written by William Shakespeare with the names of their heroes and heroines, paste the picture of William Shakespeare in the list.

Question 18.
Differentiate between faithful and false friends on the basis of the poem ‘Faithful Friends’ written by William Shakespeare. Make a list of differences and discuss it in a group.

Question 19.
Investigate some unique occasions from the life of Sarojini Naidu and give her biosketch collect her picture to paste it there.
Sarojini Naidu-Bio-Sketch

Question 20.
Make a chart to show the different stages of a man with their traits on the basis of the poem “Indian Weavers’.

Question 21.
‘I Vow To Thee, My Country’ is a poem which expresses deep love for the country. Find out any other patriotic poem and compare both of them with their feelings poetic form and styles.

Question 22.
Write a letter to your younger brother and advise him to form such a conduct and personality that might blp him in building of the country. You may take the ideas of the poem.

15, Agra Fort,
Dated : 10th July, 20 ……..

My Dear Ankit,
Believe me, I miss you badly here, I wish we were together. English teacher taught us an inspiring poem, ‘I Vow To Thee, My Country’ yesterday. This poem is full of patriotic feelings, whatever the poet, suggests us to be, I want to tell you through this letter. The country is above all things. Therefore, it is our duty to form such a conduct and character that may help in building of the country. May God shower his blessings on you!

Mr. X

Question 23.
Make a poster in which M.K. Gandhi is serving a cup of tea to the South Indian Lad in then Ashram. Give a suitable title to the poster after discussing in the group.
[Title-Gandhiji And His Social Service]
UP Board Solutions for Class 9 English Grammar Chapter 20 Project Work and Internal Evaluation Test image 23

Question 24.
Some sentences are taken from the lesson, “Gandhiji And A Coffee Drinker” and written in the Table in Section ‘A’. Investigate the speaker and write it in Section ‘B’ then change these sentences into Indirect Speech.
Section ‘A’                       Section ‘B’
1. What would you like to eat?
2. Could I have a cup of coffee please?
3. Oh, you old sinner, that is what you want?
4. Now here is your coffee and toast.
5. But, why did you not ask someone else to bring this for me?
6. Cold coffee is bad coffee.

1. Gandhiji asked the South Indian Lad what he would like to eat.
2. The South Indian Lad asked politely if he could have a cup of coffee.
3. Gandhiji addressed as old sinner and asked the South Indian Lad that he wanted that (a cup of coffee).
4. Gandhiji told him that then there was his coffee and toast.
5. The Lad whispered objecting Gandhiji why he had not asked someone else to bring that for him.
6. Gandhiji insisted the Lad to drink the coffee saying that cold coffee was bad coffee.

Question 25.
Students should be instructed to play “The Swan And The Princes : A Play’ on the occasion of Independence Day or the Republic Day.
UP Board Solutions for Class 9 English Grammar Chapter 20 Project Work and Internal Evaluation Test image 26

Question 26.
Some Verbs are given below. They have been selected from the text you have just finished. Now, use these words in your own sentences in the same context. shot, picked up, agree, puzzled, listen, saved, tremble, decided.

Question 27.
Every year the birth day of Pt. Nehru is celebrated on 14th November. Prepare a news report showing how the Children’s Day was celebrated in your  school or college this year.

25, Mall Road,
Dated : 15th July, 20 —

The Editor
The Times of India,
New Delhi.
I shall deem it a great favour if you publish ‘The Children’s Day’ celebrated by our college in the columns of your daily paper. Our college celebrates ‘The Children’s Day’ every year on 14th November. It is the birthday of Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru. On this very day, children take out a procession early in the morning. This year ‘The Children’s Day’ function started at 3 P.M. A beautiful Shamiana was arranged. A small programme was organised by some children. They were enjoying it much. A very short but attractive cultural programme was displayed. Some girls students presented a very good song. A play on the life of Pt. Nehru was staged. After cultural programme sweets were distributed among the students. After that we left the college and returned to our houses. Then we were very happy.

Yours faithfully,
Mr. X

Question 28.
Trace out the names of some great leaders who were fighting against British rule with Pt. Nehru. Make a list of such leaders with their pictures.
Some Great Leaders-(Freedom Fighters)
UP Board Solutions for Class 9 English Grammar Chapter 20 Project Work and Internal Evaluation Test 29

Question 29.
The following words are selected from the lesson ‘On A Winter’s Night’. Use them in your own sentences in the same context as it is used in the story. harvest, comfort, quilt, shiver, stretch, pile, numb, orchard, to get rid of, suffer.

Question 30.
Prepare a list showing names of the books written by Munshi Prem Chand. The list should be divided into two parts. In the first part, names of the stories be included and in the second part, it should contain the names of novels.
Books and Stories written by Munshi Prem Chand

Question 31.
Road Safety and Transport

Important of the Rules of The Road

The rules of the road are most important. They ought to be obeyed in human life. The purpose of these rules is to make the road safe for everybody. Now-a-days the traffic has increased very much. All kinds of vehicles, fill the roads during the greater part of the day. Hence it is the duty of all the road users to obey the rules of the road. If people disobey traffic rules, accidents may happen sooner or later. So the rules of the road are most important.

Traffic Rules & Regulations

KEEP LEFT to allow the traffic to pass on a two-lane road coming from an opposite direction on the right side and allow the vehicles on one-lane road behind you for overtaking from the right.

 be on the road’s left side from where you leave as well as from where you enter. When turning towards right, move towards the road centre when you leave and when you enter, arrive near road’s left side.

 your speed at pedestrian crossings, road corners, intersections and road junctions and wait there till the passage ahead gets cleared. If you enter the main road then give way of passage to the vehicles passing by on the right side as the traffic on the main roads is not regulated.

 becomes necessary to give at times. Extend and pull out your right hand’s palm down when slowing the vehicles and swing the hand in the down and up direction. While stopping, your forearm should be raised outside vertically the vehicle, while changing the road lane or turning right towards left side, extend and rotate the right arm in a direction of anti-clockwise. To let the vehicle overtake behind you, swing the right arm forwards and bach ward in a motion of semi-circular.

DIRECTION INDICATORS instead of giving hand signals make use of direction indications and in case of emergency, use both.

 is compulsory. The helmet should bear and conform to ISI mark and ISI standards. It works like a shield or a cover for the head during any mishap that occurs. It is so designed that it provides individual safety. It is not for covering any legal prosecution. Tie the helmet strap properly for the safety otherwise the strap of the helmet may get slipped from the head during any head injury in an accident. (Sikhs wearing Turbans are exempted from wearing a helmet).

USE THE HORN when it is essential only and not in any silence zone area. Do not use or fit any multi-toned, loud or shrill and harsh sounding alarms or horns in the vehicles that causes disturbance. It is also prohibited to have vehicles having altered silencers on road.

 which are either through the regulating traffic police officers or through traffic signals or road signals should always be followed. It is an offense if such directions are violated.

 from any vehicle driving ahead of your vehicle in order to avoid any collusion taking place in case if the vehicle stops of slows down suddenly, it might cause accidents. On page number 33, a chart is given for any further information to guide on the required time for applying minimum brakes at various speeds.

 other than any safety reason is there.

 is in progress, slow down the speed of the vehicle and drive at a maximum of 25 km/hours speed.

 are not allowed to carry passengers for reward or hire. The driver in tractors should not have any person and he should not have more other required person permitted to have in the cabin of the drive in a vehicle of goods.

 on a two wheeler. A rider can sit only on vehicles back seat. A rider should not be allowed to stand or sit (even a children) in the front seat. It is illegal and dangerous as well as w’hen applying sudden brakes, the person sitting infront gets thrown out hitting the front vehicle. It is law’s violation to carry any goods on a two wheeler due to imbalance caused to the rider that leads to accidents.

DO NOT DRIVE BACKWARDS much longer than it is necessary and ensure that no inconvenience or danger is causedlo any vehicle or any person while driving backwards.

if you have any sickness or not well or taking any medications that impairs your abilities of driving including tonics containing some alcohol content.

WHILE OVERTAKING, overtake from the right direction of the motor vehicle being passing by. If there is Tan indication from the front vehicle driver indicating his turning towards right then you should pass from the left side. Remember to not overtake heavy vehicles or cut their way as they need much space to stop or slow down.

Safety Guidelines

(i) Walk on footpath – 50% of people killed in road accidents are Pedestrians only.

Always Remain Alert While On Road

  1. It is effectual to walk on road sides, if it is having footpaths.
  2. In case, if it is not having the footpaths and then walk on right side.
  3.  It is highly recommended to make use of zebra crossing, subways and foot- over bridge.
  4. People are recommended that they should be crossing the roads only when vehicles are at a distance.

A Little Carelessness Can Be Dangerous

  1.  People should ensure that they are not crossing roads in hurry.
  2.  You should avoid crossing the roads within or in front of the parked vehicles.
  3. Never jump on the cross road railings.
  4. It is very hazardous to cross the road where nothing is visible to the drivers.

(i) Cyclists : 10% of cyclists are killed everyday in the road accidents.


  1. It is highly recommended that cycle should be fitted through gadgets and it should have rear view mirror, reflective tapes and black painted mirrors at its back as well as in front.
  2.  It is recommended to make use of cycle and road track and they should be present on extreme left.
  3.  It is advisable to avoid cycling on busy roads.
  4. You should be at a safe distance from motorized vehicles.
  5. It is recommended to make use of proper indication and then only stop.


  1. You should avoid doing stunts.
  2. You should not keep heavy goods on cycle.
  3.  You should avoid holding rides on fast vehicles.
  4. You should never be riding parallel with another cycle.
  5. These are some of the rules and regulations that should be followed effectively.

Motor Cyclists

Motor Cyclists
(i) More than 20% people meeting with the accidents are motorbike riders


  1.  BIS approved head gear should be worn while driving the bike.
  2. Pillion riders must also be equipped with the similar quality helmet.
  3.  The headgear must be worn tightly.
  4. Air pressure must be verified in the front as well as rear tires.
  5. Lights of the motorbike must be normal and should not malfunction.
  6. Indicators must be turned on while turning.
  7.  Alter the turn the indicators must be deactivated.
  8.  Brakes must be used in a proper manner.
  9.  A middle lane journey is suggested.
  10.  Vehicle should move at a certain distance from other bikes.


  1. Rising in a zigzag fashion is prohibited.
  2. One must not overtake while driving on the left side of any vehicle plying on the road.
  3.  Brakes should not be applied suddenly because they might malfunction.
  4. A bike is made to accommodate only 2 people and more than that.
  5. Talking over cell phone is a crime while riding.
  6.  Bus lane are used for heavy vehicles.
  7. Minors are not allowed to ride Car Drivers


  1.  The passenger who is sitting in the front seat must be equipped with the seat belts. T
  2.  he speed limit must not be more than 50km/hour.
  3.  One should drive in its own lane.
  4.  Vehicle should move at a certain distance from other cars.
  5. A driver should always carry important documents which could be produced on demand to the users.
  6.  Indicators are required to switch over the lanes.
  7. It is important to wear seat belts.
  8. Gear is important to drive the car.
  9.  Acceleration along with sudden barking must be avoided.
  10.  Clutch must not the used while driving
  11. Loading the car with more than permissible load could create lots ol problems for thepeople.


  1. Mobile phone must be avoided while driving.
  2. Children who are not above 12 years of age should not be allowed to sit in the front seat.
  3. Minors are not allowed.
  4. Drugs must be avoided.
  5. Drinking is a crime while driving.

Traffic Light Signals

(i)People need to follow these Traffic Light Signals.
Red – To Stop the Traffic
(i)This means that you should stop your vehicle immediately and you would be required to wait until there is green light.

Yellow – Caution:

(i)There are many of you who would be entering into the intersection area and they need to wait until the light switches to amber and then only move carefully. Stop, as you see the amber light.

Green – Go on:

(i)You need to pass through the crossing in a careful manner and whenever view the arrow and then proceed forward through the help of indicator.

Flashing Signals:

(i) Whenever you see the flashing signals, it means complete halt and then move according to the intersection safely.

Pedestrian Signals:

(i) These signals are meant for the people who cross the intersections in safest manner. In case, you see the red figure of human on the traffic signal post, then never enter the road. When the signal would start flashing and then only cross the road. You should immediately stop yourself, if you were to cross the road.
(ii) Moreover, these traffic rules and regulations are meant for your safety and you need to follow them in the best possible way.

Traffic Marking

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