UP Board Solutions for Class 9 English Grammar Chapter 9 The Passive Voice

By | May 22, 2022

UP Board Solutions for Class 9 English Grammar Chapter 9 The Passive Voice

UP Board Solutions for Class 9 English Grammar Chapter 9 The Passive Voice



Change the following sentences into Passive Voice :
1. Does he help his friends?
2. Do you read the newspaper?
3. Do you not drink water?
4. When does he leave his bed in the morning?
5. Who loves you?
6. Is he writing a letter to his father?
7. Am I teaching English to your brother?
8. Is he teaching Mathematics to him?
9. Are you riding the cycle?
10. Why are you eating an apple?
11. Is the grandmother telling us stories?
12. Why is he not playing basket ball?
13. Have we washed our clothes?
14. Did Savitri marry Satyavan?
15. Did I open the letter box?
1. Are his friends helped by him?
2. The newspaper read by you.
3. Is water not drunk by you?
4. When is his bed left by him in the morning?
5. By whom are you loved?
6. Is a letter being written to his father by him?
7. Is your brother being taught English by me?
8. Is he being taught Mathematics by him?
9. Is the cycle being riden by you?
10. Why is an apple being eaten by you?
11. Are stories being told us by the grandmother?
12. Why is basket ball not being played by him?
13. Have our clothes been washed by us?
14. Was Satyavan married by Savitri?
15. Was the letter box opened by me?


Change the following sentences into Passive Voice :
1. We believe that he is honest.
2. Do we find that many novels are harmful?
3. They say that he is a thief.
4. He likes cold water.
5. Nobody has answered this question correctly.
6. The people believe that he is a thief.
7. One uses milk for making butter and chees.
8. Someone has broken two of my dinner plates.
9. My father loves me very much.
10. Who writes a letter?
1. It is believed by us that he is honest.
2. It is found by as that many novels are harmful.
3. It is said by them that he is a thief.
4. Cold water is liked by him.
5. This question has been answered correctly by nobody.
6. He is a thief that believed by the people.
7. Milk is used by one for making butter and chees.
8. Two of my dinner plates have been broken by someone.
9. I am loved very much by my father.
10. By whom is a letter written?


Change the following sentences into Passive Voice :
1. Shershah Suri defeated Humayun.
2. My sister painted that picture.
3. Ram killed a snake.
4. The Delhi Transport Corporation runs many buses between Delhi and Uttar Pradesh.
5. I gave hundred rupees to my younger brother.
6. Kiran sang a beautiful song last evening.
7. Ravi Shanker’s performance thrilled the audience.
8. The teacher congratulated Ram on his success.
9. Shakespeare wrote many great tragedies.
10. A little girl greeted him.
1. Humayun was defeated by Shershah Suri.
2. That picture was painted by my sister.
3. A snake was killed by Ram.
4. Many buses are run between Delhi and Uttar Pradesh by the Delhi Transport Corporation.
5. My younger brother was given hundred rupees by me.

6. A beautiful song was sung by Kiran last evening.
7. Audience was thrilled by Ravi Shankar’s performance.
8. Ram was congratulated on his success by the teacher.
9. Many great tragedies were written by Shakespeare.
10. He was greeted by a little girl.


Change the following sentences as directed against each :
1. The student hit the teacher.                              (Passive Voice)
2. All the doors have been locked by them.        (Active Voice)
3. The letter will be posted by you.                      (Active Voice)
4. You should play games everyday.                    (Passive Voice)
5. He shot the tiger.                                                  (Passive Voice)
6. The map was drawn by Gopal.                         (Active Voice)
7. Who wrote this beautiful poem?                     (Passive Voice)
8. The watch maker repaired the watch.           (Passive Voice)
9. His father wrote a number of letters.             (Passive Voice)
10. His teacher praised him.                                 (Passive Voice)
11. This house was built by my father.               (Active Voice)
12. You will be given a ticket by the manager. (Active Voice)

13. They have solved all the sums in the class. (Passive Voice)
14. He made a mistake.                                           (Passive Voice)
15. The temple in Delhi was built by Birlaji.      (Active Voice)
1. Teacher was hit by the student.
2. They have locked all the doors.
3. You will post the letter.
4. Games should be played by you everyday.
5. Tiger was shot by him.
6. Gopal drew the map.
7. By whom was written this beautiful poem.
8. The watch was repaired by the watch maker.
9. A number of letters were written by his father.
10. He was praised by his teacher.
11. My father built this house.
12. The manager will give you a ticket you.
13. All the sums have been solved in the class by them.
14. A mistake was made by him.
15. Birlaji built the temple in Delhi.

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